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Our School

Our Mission

Children are naturally curious and creative learners. By connecting students with meaningful questions and real tools, we will foster an atmosphere where risk-taking and curiosity are encouraged and students are empowered to become problem-finders and problem-solvers. We will nurture each student’s character development and inspire a sense of social responsibility by creating local partnerships that allow students to engage with their community.

Our Vision

Imagine a school where students are asked to design an indoor garden. Instead of listening to a teacher tell them about photosynthesis, students would have to research and understand the process in order to accomplish their task. With the guidance of a teacher, they would develop scale drawings, exploring ratios and geometric principles. After writing and presenting proposals, the students would then construct the recommended garden and discuss the history and potential impacts of community gardens in urban areas. We aim to develop students that have the critical thinking skills necessary to become productive citizens and it is this type of cross-curricular hands-on project that we will use to accomplish this objective.